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Awakenings (Elemental Series)

Awakenings - Hally Willmott Another stellar book from the authors of Limitless Publishing! I have yet to read a book from this publishing firm that I did not like and Awakenings was no exception. Although I was completely frustrated through the entirety of this book, the ending brought it home for me.The main object of my frustration? -Jacey- The character building was great, you are not only able to picture Lacey but, since the book is written in first-person POV, you are able to get inside her head and really feel what she feels. No, this was not my issue with this character. Throughout the mass majority of the book (16 out of 20 chapters) Lacey is completely in the dark about her family, her weird dreams, even herself. And we are left in the dark right along with her. But the hardest part for me to grasp was that Lacey is dying to get answers to all of her questions (as was I), but every time someone tells her “not now” or “in time” – she just backs down and LET’S IT GO?!?!?!Are You Serious!Now, I am not opposed to leaving some mystery in a story line. I like when a twist in the story plot comes through at the end and blows my mind. The problem I have in this book is that you KNOW the twist is coming, it’s built up from the very first chapter and dangled in front of you as a carrot. I gotta tell you, I almost stopped reading the book because I was so frustrated by this.But, of course, I didn’t stop. I kept on reading. And I am so glad I did!Chapters 16 – 20 are amazing! Once we are able to enter the world of Nemele and meet all of the fantastical creatures that Hally has created – I was totally hooked. This book has fairies, griffins, elves, falcon-ladies, angels, and a whole mirriad of magical beings that are both grotesque and amazing.Now, I am not a fan of dropping popular book references or comparisons to well-known titles. So, instead I’m going to tell you some things from these last few chapters and let you decide for yourself if it sounds familiar….ready?Lacey is from a magical family who takes her away to shield her from the evils of their worldShe starts having episodes of magic that she can not control or understandThe magical world she enters is both old-world and colorfulUpon entering Nemele, she is enrolled in a school for magical beings, which looks like a castle on the insideOk, so it’s slight…but really, I noticed. Not that it turned me off. I am a HUGE H.P. fan!What I love about this book is the relationship between Lacey and Victor. It builds slowly and although there is an element of insta-love here, she doesn’t just throw herself at him the first time they meet. She has had strange dreams as long as she can remember and lately her dreams have included a pair of eyes…diamond sapphire eyes. Whenever she sees them her heart speeds up, she has butterflies in her stomach, and gets an overwhelming feeling of nausea. When she finally meets the man behind the eyes, she is determined to overcome her feelings toward him and present herself as a collected, dependent female.One of my favorite lines of the book comes from Chapter 15. It comes just after Lacey begins to learn about her origin. I just connected with it.I found magic exciting. I didn’t have a problem wrapping my mind around the possibility of it. I’d always been a bookworm and imagined myself into every good book I read. I found the possibility of becoming even remotely similar to any of those characters awesome. I knew I’d enjoy this reality.I cannot wait for the next book in this series. With the way book #1 ends, the next one promises to be action packed.**I received a copy of this book from the author as part of a review blog tour**Check out the full review at Reviewing Wonderland!