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Fire prophet (Son of Angels, Jonah Stone)

Fire Prophet (Son of Angels) - Jerel Law Book Two: Sons of Angels series By Jerel Law Synopsis Jonah, Jeremiah, and Eliza Stone are quarterlings, one-quarter angels. Their parents are nephilim, the product of a union between a human and a fallen angel. Half-angels and quarter angels are under the great and mighty Elohim. You may know him better as God. The fallen angels are back again determined to destroy them all. The fallen angels fell from heaven to work for Abaddon, the evil of all evils. The kids discover many new powers and skills during specialized training, as well as gain some new friends with unique gifts of their own. Epic battles are waged between good and evil during their quest to find the key to defeating Abaddon. Will they be able to push back the attack of fallen with the help of Elohim, or will the quarterlings and nephilim be wiped out? My Opinion This book was super cool! The story took on many twists and turns, but I was still able to keep up with ease. The book actually references a lot of Bible verses and passages making it a great read for introducing or enriching religion in a fun and entertaining way. It is perfect for those who crave adventure; many scenes are like battles in the Bible. Each character and story line is very spiritually based. The under tone of the story is that there is only one true God, who strikes down all evil, and helps his children in times of need. This is all balanced with plenty of action and heart-stopping scenes. Very impressive, very well done, and I really enjoyed reading this book! -Kaylee