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Reviewing Wonderland

"I'm Mad. You're Mad. We're all Mad here." ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland We love to share our love of Young Adult and New Adult books with the world.


Wanted - Amanda Lance From Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland! Come check us out.There was plenty to like within the pages of this book but, while I really wanted to like it, some areas just fell a little flat for me.Adeline Battes ("Addie") is a typical young-adult protog. She is quiet, unassuming, and prefers studying and reading books over making friends or playing sports. After her mother passed away she took over the household duties and watching over her dad and older brother. Her relationship with her family was enjoyable - they had a fun banter with each other that they used to mask the pain they had experienced together.On a road-trip back from dropping off her brother for a tour of duty, Addie talks her dad into stopping at a convenience station. As she is waiting in line for a coffee for her dad, she has what I considered to be the most believable chance encounter with a mysterious stranger. She didn't ogle him from a distance with thoughts of their future children running through her head. They didn't stand there mesmerized in each others eyes as the whole rest of the world fell away. No. She didn't even notice him until he whispered something over her shoulder about the book she was currently immersed in. Like most females (especially me) when given some unexpected attention, she was taken aback. Then quickly flattered when deciding he was, in fact, pretty nice to look at. The whole interaction felt real, not forced or contrived.Then the action starts. Addie, being a curious creature, decides to investigate a strange noise in a poorly lit back parking area - um, excuse me? Why? - and gets herself kidnapped by....Yep, mysterious guy from the waiting line. Otherwise known as Charles ("Charlie") Hayes, wanted felon and known murderer.I have to pause for a moment and discuss one thing that had me on edge through the whole story. In several places throughout the story, the things Addie is seeing or feeling are described but not really spelled out. I had a really hard time figuring out what was going on in these places. For instance...I heard a deep inhalation of breath, then a button clicked, and I felt an eruption of wind blast my neck and shoulder. Within a minute or two, my chest stopped hurting so much and my heartbeat somewhat returned.This is taken from the part in the story when Addie has been bound and gagged in the cargo area of the kidnappers SUV. Who was breathing? What was the button? It has taken me up until this very moment that the deep inhalation of breath was one of the guys probably lighting a cigarette (they all smoke profusely), the button clicking must be the power windows, and her chest stopped hurting because of the fresh air from the window expelling some of the smoke from the vehicle. Whew....I pulled myself closer and examined the deformity in an attempt to figure out what it was. Strangely enough, it was misshapen in its center and squared at it's ends. I hadn't noticed it my first time here. As I squinted, I thought I saw smeared red blotches in the center of its core. When I realized what the red was, I was almost in a full-on run to get to the platform.Huh...what was it?!?! I don't get it! Grrr.....frustrating.Despite my confusion at some of the story, I was drawn in by the relationship forming between Addie and Charles. I know! I know! He is her kidnapper! I had a hard time getting from the one extreme to the other too. But once I let go of the reality of the situation I was able to just enjoy the wrongness of it. Who hasn't fantasized about a forbidden love? What could be more forbidden than falling in love with your captor. And come on - there are like a hundred movies depicting this very situation!Once I was finally allowing myself to believe that this type of relationship was possible, I completely fell in love for Charlie. He is the kid from the wrong side of the tracks, the one that had no choice but a life of crime due to his troubled upbringing and sordid past. After meeting Addie, he has the desire to become a better man. If for nothing else, just to be the kind of man that she deserves. Awwwww - come on! My heart is all a flutter!So while I had some issues with this book and thought there were parts that could have been better, the story and the forbidden love were enough to keep me interested until the very end. There was just the right amount of mystery, romance and, my favorite, "love to hate" characters. Definitely worth picking up for a quick fun read.